Job Announcement

Event Server


Principal Duties and Responsibilities
Ensure that all room and event setups are completed as listed on the Event Order Form (EOF).
During event, general light cleaning including, but not limited to: sweeping, mopping, emptying trash receptacles and other cleaning duties as assigned.
Maintain conference space and warming kitchen facilities and equipment clean and in good operating condition.
Knowledgeable in setting up and operating Audio Visual (AV) equipment, sound systems, slide and video projectors, etc.
Return any AV equipment to storage closets upon completion of events in order to store equipment properly.
Report immediately all equipment and/or facilities problems to the supervisor (Events Manager).
Attend any scheduled meetings and training sessions.

Required Skills or Abilities
Ability to follow-through on tasks until completion
Attention to detail
Ability to take direction
Positive image and tidy appearance
Knowledge of Conference Center’s resources and AV equipment a plus
Ability to lift and move furniture (25 – 50 lbs.)
Ability to work independently with little supervision, as well as part of a team with other Conference Center staff
Effective communication skills
Willingness to work and learn
Scheduling flexibility; Ability to work weekdays, evenings and weekends
Customer service or food service experience is a good foundation for an Event Server. High School Diploma or GED preferred.

Required Knowledge, Experience, or Licensure/Registration
Responsibilities include putting out tablecloths & place settings, arranging table placement and setting up buffets.
An Event Server’s duties during the event can and will vary but, in general, they must be able to focus on the job while staying on their feet and moving about freely, which can include bending, climbing stairs and carrying items weighing 25-50 pounds.
Good communication is important, as is being able to follow directions efficiently and meeting the physical demands of the job.
A positive attitude while on the job is also essential.
The Event Server must adhere to health and safety standards at all times, even when closing down at the end of the event which include handling food according to health department guidelines.
Serving guests courteously, quietly, and in a timely manner is an example of exhibiting good customer service.
Customer Service or food service experience is a good foundation for an Event Services.
High School Diploma or GED preferred.