Job Announcement

Security Guard - UIC Police Department


Job Summary:

The UIC Police Department is continuously seeking highly skilled and qualified Security Guards to protect and serve the UIC Campus and University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System.

Security Guards are assigned to protect property from theft and damage and persons from hazards and interference by ensuring that potential and emergent safety and
security violations are readily discovered, controlled and/or reported to the proper authorities.

The UIC Police Department is a 24x7x365 operation.

All Security Guard positions are full-time 40 hours per week, with a starting hourly rate of $13.06 per hour.

Interviews for this position will be conducted in two rounds which include round 1 In-person interview and round 2 Agility Testing. Applicants must first pass round 1 to be eligible for round 2. As part of the round 1 interview you must successfully pass a background check to move forward.

Key Responsibilities / Duties:
Monitor activity at a static post assignment including any T.V. monitor stations or pass desk.
Check incoming and outgoing people for proper identification/authorization.
Lock/unlock doors, turn lights on/off as scheduled; check doors and lights for status at prescribed times.
Provide information/assistance to staff, faculty, visitors and students.
Activate/deactivate and/or respond to door alarms.
Prepare reports of activity including the Officer’s Log of Activity and miscellaneous incidents.
Be prepared to follow emergency procedures relating to fire alarms/drills, utility/equipment failures, disaster calls or drills, securing medical assistance and using the paging system.
Use judgement in deciding to independently handle potential security or emergency situations or to contact University Police.
Provide safety escorts and assist Police Officers with activity where practicable.
Monitor activity within assigned area to ensure safety of people and property.
Check and note the status of out of place equipment, property and supplies.
Check persons working to ensure they are not in need of help, i.e., sick, injured or victims of crime.
Warn violators of and enforce University rules and regulations.
Tour buildings and grounds to ensure safety and security, while reporting to proper authorities any emergent concerns/matters.
Perform other duties as assigned.


Minimum Acceptable Qualificaitons Required:

1 .High school graduation or equivalent
2. Valid Illinois driver license if essential to the position
3. No record of conviction of a felony, or of a crime involving moral turpitude.