Job Announcement

Juvenile Justice Specialist Intern-Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice


Under immediate supervision and subsequently under direct supervision for a period of twelve months, receives formal classroom instruction and on the job training, while performing beginning level professional duties. Assist in the supervision of the daily activities of youth; Interacts with youth; facilitates group sessions to develop rapport with youth; Provides input in to the development of individualized service plans. Transports youth and supervises movement to and from destination. Attends in-service training to attain new and updated skills and proficiency to carry out specialized service delivery programs.

Requires a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with a specialization in criminal justice, education, psychology, social work or a closely related social science. Candidate must be over the age of 21. Requires elementary knowledge of juvenile behavior problems, and means to develop successful and appropriate behaviors; requires elementary knowledge of adolescent psychological development, mental health issues affecting the juvenile offenders, and social development concerns; requires ability to successfully complete a comprehensive Department of Juvenile Justice training program. Requires physical agility and strength to stand and walk for up to three hours at a time, to run for short distances , and to provide physical intervention and control as necessary in order to protect and/ or restrain individuals. Requires possession of an appropriate valid driver's license.