Press Release

Turner Sponsors Measure to Investigate GED Testing


CHICAGO, Ill. – In response to soaring costs, state Rep. Arthur Turner, D-Chicago, passed a measure requiring the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) to reevaluate its contract for the state’s high school equivalency exam, commonly referred to as the GED.

"Oftentimes when adults decide to take the GED and complete their education, they are doing it to help their family," Turner said. “Barriers to successfully finishing these courses and passing the test need to be removed to give as many people as possible the chance for a better future.”

House Resolution 241 requires the ICCB to investigate reasons for the recent sharp decline in pass rates and explore alternatives to the current test. Turner is sponsoring the measure to help to reduce the cost of the test for adult learners, which has tripled in the past year. Additionally, new payment requirements, content changes, a different scoring method and many other issues have resulted in a 20 percent drop in the number of participants who pass the test across the state.

"After passing this test, it is easier to find better paying jobs, take part in technical training or go on to complete a degree," Turner added. "Legislators and policy makers have a responsibility to make the GED as accessible to as many people as possible."