Job Announcement

Customer Service Assistant - Rail Operations


Maintains amiable relations with customers at all times. Interacts with and effectively assists customers in normal and emergency situations.

Knows and understands the Authority's transit system, fares, schedules, routes, transfer and connecting points and major points of interest in the Chicagoland area.

Provides special assistance to mobility limited patrons utilizing gap fillers and other aids as required to board and alight vehicles and ingress and egress facilities.

Maintains knowledge to assist with making minor operational adjustments to rail cars and assist the operator as needed.

Monitors and coordinates station cleanliness, defective revenue equipment or station repair needs in and around the faculties and either reconciles or reports conditions to appropriate personnel in a timely manner.

Ensures the kiosk is adequately supplied with current editions of reports, forms, maps, brochures, schedules, etc. Notifies the Courier and manager if supplies are needed. Disposes of all outdated versions of these materials.

Contacts Communication/Power Control in a timely manner to report all accidents, suspicious activity, disturbances, threats, fire, unusual occurrences or other emergencies and provides all related pertinent information.

Inspects fare media, transit cards, passes and ID cards for validity and immediately reports invalid material to appropriate personnel.

Provides assistance in the evacuation of persons from CTA facilities and/or vehicles as necessary.

Routinely performs station inspections at the assigned station facilities to check cleanliness, equipment functionality and customer safety. May open and/or close stations as determined according to the shift assigned.

Performs daily inspections of station equipment and its proper operation, e.g. elevators/escalators, Customer Call Buttons, station PA system, LED signs, other ADA related equipment, etc.

Maintains a thorough knowledge and understanding of the fare structure, the operation and features of the Automated Fare Collection equipment, fare instruments and of all rules and procedures governing fare collection. Advises customers who experience failed fare transactions to the nearest CSR or to Customer Service and monitors station turnstiles and TCVM's for illegal activity.

Performs related duties as assigned.


Required to submit to and pass drug and alcohol testing as mandated by the Federal Transportation Administration.

Required to be at least 21 years of age.

Required to maintain a neat and professional appearance, including wearing the CTA issued safety vest and other uniform compliances at all times while on duty.